Elk County Striders Club Benefits

   As a member of the Elk County Striders, you receive or have access to the following:

1.  The monthly newsletter.  We hope you like what's in it and find it entertaining and useful.  Comments and contributions, especially race results, are welcome.  Contact Ben Zappa at bczappa@penn.com or (814) 776-2413.

2. The Runner's High, the most complete road race directory available in our area.  Published periodically throughout the year and sent with our newsletters.

3. Our web page:  http://users.penn.com/~bczappa, a good source of news, information, race applications, race results, and much more.  Also included are links to an extensive number of other running web pages. 

4.  Our small mailing list.  It contains our members and a few others that receive newsletters.  Available as a line-by-line print-out or on mailing labels.

5.  Our big mailing list.  This list contains runners who have run our races in the recent past, as well as newspapers, radio stations, and YMCA's throughout our area.  Also available line-by-line or on mailing labels.

6.  Measuring wheel.

7. Our "Race Box."  A large tote box containing race numbers, pins, a starting pistol, stopwatches, and many additional materials needed to put on a race.

8. Start and Finish banners.

9.  Two "CAUTION RUNNERS ON THE ROAD" signs, printed on the front and back.

10.  Mile markers 1 through 6, many of which also have "CAUTION RUNNERS ON THE ROAD" on the back.

11. Eight orange traffic cones.

12.  Two 5 gallon, plastic water jugs.

13. Annual New Year's Day Run and Feast for members, families and guests.

14.  Annual Family picnic for all members, families and guests.

15.  Annual Christmas party for all members, families, and guests.

16.  Discounts at  Dave's Pro Shop in St. Marys, Pa;  Back-to-Life Chiropractic in St Marys,  Pa;  and  Rapid Transit Sportswear in State College, Pa.

17.  Membership card.  Be sure to show it when asking for one of our discounts.  Also, present it at any sports store.  Many will give a discount to a member of any running club.