In January of 1983, a runner from St. Marys, Jim Distler, got the idea to start a running club.  In early February, Jim began telling area runners of his idea, and that he was planning an organizational meeting.  He had a name in mind, the Elk County StridersTo help get the club started, he would agree to be president, and talked with the following runners, who agreed to be officers:  Vice-President, Ben Zappa from Ridgway,  Pa; Treasurer, Gordie Ford from Johnsonburg,  Pa; and Secretary, Cheryl Pistner from St. Marys,  Pa.  He then arranged for a room in the St. Marys Public Library to have an organizational meeting on Februrary 28.    

   With these preparations made, Jim then made more phone calls and had announcements put on the radio, and in the county newspapers, about the February 28 meeting.  The following quotes from the first Elk County Striders newsletter published in March 1983, tells the story.

   "Thirty area individuals with an interest in jogging and running, met at the St. Marys Public Library, Monday, February 28,  1983, and formed the 'Elk County Striders.'  Membership is open to anyone with an interest in this activity."

    "On March 6,  1983,  following an invigorating run of either 1.6, 1.8, or 6.8 miles, the second meeting was held.  The following officers were elected:  Jim Distler, President;  Ben Zappa, Vice-President;  Gordie Ford, Treasurer;  Cheryl Pistner, Secretary."

    As the years have passed the officers have changed somewhat, but our purpose has remained unchanged.  For more information check the following links on this website: Purpose, About Us, Benefits, Constitution, and Club Contacts.