Ray Sheller of New Castle, PA


" ...just some of my recent kills (1993, 1994, 1995) accredited to your " P ".        The biggest one came in on a scent trail I laid in excess of 100 yards, nose down like a beagle on a rabbit. "

Tom Stiver of Bradford, PA


" I brought this buck out sniffing at 11 am (1996 Rifle Season) ... "

Jim Walters of Eden, NY (1995)


" I hunted this buck for 3 years.     When I tried West Wind Scents I finally got him. "


Nick Morrison Sr. and Nick Jr. from Pittsburgh, PA


Mock Scrape hunters      1994


Mike Martonik, Wilcox, PA (1999)

Mock Scrape Hunter using Doe in Heat

Ronald M. Tussel, Jr.

writer for

Browse Line

The Official Magazine of the Pennsylvania Deer Association - 1996 winter edition

"...West Wind Whitetails in Kane Pennsylvania, offers the products to handle a variety of hunting situations. ...I had the chance to try each of the three scents during the rut this past fall and had great results with all." 


Mike Bleech

writer for

Pennsylvania Afield

-December 1996

"...During a recent hunting season, I tested scent trails using West Wind Whitetails Doe in Heat "P" from a McKean County operation. This particular product is a good example, because I had some good success with it both by making scent trails and by "salting" scrapes. ..."

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