Gryphon Software Corporation

We are a custom software developer. We work primarily on the Apple Macintosh, but do IBM PC Compatible work as well. Most of our PC work is done using SoftPC from Insignia. We develop software that runs on the latest state of the art machines, while still running smoothly on older computers.

Our strategic alliance with Quintessence Designs on the high seas is a model of how to leverage the strengths of several small companies. Granted, our long distance carriers love us, but no side of these collaborations wants the hassles of relocating. Instead we have the best of all possible worlds.

With the interest in the World Wide Web, we have also moved into Home Page design. Using the skills of Pat Woodruff, our resident graphics arts specialist, we can produce a top notch home page for any need.

We are the developers ofFreedom, a software package for the Mac that provides speech for anybody who has lost their voice. It uses the excellent Text to Speech system available with System 7. The latest version is always available right here.

Key Personnel


Bill is the computer wizard in residence at the Ey're. It was the need for good software and the presence of a phone line that let our family move to "the middle of nowhere." He has added to his talents those of a plumber, electrician, and auto mechanic. The solar power equipment was installed and maintained by Bill.


Pat is our artist. She has extensive experience creating artwork for any need. Her schooling in the fine arts has expanded into the wonderful world of computers. Born into an artistic family, she majored in art in high school, then moved on to studying art at Bucks County Community College and Tyler School of Art. One of her first commercial projects involved creating computer artwork for Aba Software, as well as their logo. Various other computer projects have included clip art, icons and program illustrations. Now she's having fun exploring the creative possibilities of web pages.
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