Aunt Gabby's Favorite Poems & Stories
Most of the following stories or poems were written by elementary students.
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           By G.S.
I'm bored.  There's nothing to do.
Wait, I guess I could go to the zoo.
Who would go to the zoo
On a day like today?

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon.
Right now I'm feeling like a loon.
Go up to my room
And turn on a tune.
Or stare at the sky
And look at the moon.

Next time I get bored again
I'll read this poem
And not be bored anymore.

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       By Aunt Gabby

The hands of Time move,
Oh, so swiftly.
The hours are too short,
The minutes pass so quickly.

There seems no time for merriment,
There seems no time for play.
The clock's hands turn relentlessly,
And Time soon ticks away.

There seems no time for friends,
No time to be alone.
For Father Time moves tirelessly.
The bell soon rings its tone.

There seems no time for prayer
In this busy world of ours.
And there seems no time for gazing
At the moonlit sky and stars.

But in this busy world,
We should live each tiny minute,
For tho' life is so short,
There still is much joy in it.
 Copyright © 2000 By Bruce D. Weaver
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My Friend Reno, The Showgirl
                  By A. B.

I made a snow girl, she was cute like my mom
She was big, and had eyes made out of gum.

She had a bright green, polka-dotted scarf,
When my puppy saw her, he said, "arf, arf, arf."

I gave my snow girl a hat as bright as the sun,
When I put it on her head she started to run.

I screamed, I ran, and I fell on my head,
The snow girl laughed, she thought I was dead.

I jumped up on my feet and pushed her down hill,
She thumped, and bumped and lied very still.

I felt very down and went to see,
My snow girl laid there still as could be.

But I was wrong, she jumped up and hugged me and then I said,
“I am so sorry, my best friend, did you hurt your head?”

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              Snow Girl
                        By A. D.

I built a snow girl pretty as can be
Made out of snow and friends are we.
She wears a red shirt and bright pink pants,
And with a little magic I know she will dance.

She lived in my yard behind a big tree,
I built a large fort so no one could see.
I sprinkled some pixie dust on top of her head,
And we danced and we twirled until our faces were red.

The next thing I knew I was sitting in bed,
And the snow girl dancing was all in my head.
I threw on my clothes and ran out the door,
My dream will come true and maybe even more.

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                Snow Girl
                         By A. T.

I built a snow girl out in the snow,
It was very cold and the wind started to blow.
I took her inside to get her out of the cold,
And soon a sad story began to unfold.

Before I knew it she was half her size.
She was melting and shrinking before my eyes.
I opened the window and turned down the heat.
Then I went to the kitchen to get us a treat.

When I got back she had started to grow,
So I took her outside where the wind did blow,
To make her feel warm I gave her some clothes,
But I learned that my snow girl was better off froze.

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             My Snowman
                By M. P.

The snowman I built is my friend,
He’s tall and round and doesn’t bend.
He wears a wig, but not a hat,
And in his one hand is a baseball bat.

A long blue scarf is around his neck,
And he stands on guard out on my deck.
Building snowmen is so much fun
And now at last my poem is done.

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           My Adventure
                        By C. P.

Once I made a snowman, and went up on a hill,
I got on my snowmobile while he was standing still.

I started going really fast, as fast as I could go.
I hit him hard, ran over him, and scattered the snow.

I kept on going really fast, as fast as I could go,
Then I hit another man my sister made of snow.

I turned really fast to miss the telephone pole,
I ran into the house and made a great big hole.

My dad came over and saw the hole I made,
He grounded me for two days, so in the house I stayed.

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                   By G.L

There was a snowman whose name was Bud
The children made him with buttons from mud.

They found new light bulbs to use for eyes,
When they put them on him there was a great surprise.

The eyes lit up and turned bright red,
They got so hot they melted his head.

The children who made him were very upset,
A new head with no light bulbs was their safest bet.

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                  By R. B

My name is Midnight and I’m made of snow.
How I got in this yard I do not know.

My body is round and very cold.
I was made today so I’m not very old.

My eyes are made out of chunks of coal,
They’re as dark as midnight so I’m told.

I have a carrot nose and a very huge smile,
And everyone can see it from over a mile.

I wear a green scarf and buttons galore,
The stick in my hand might have magic in store.

I don’t know who made me or why they’re not here,
But I know they’ll be back of that I’ve no fear.

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           The Snowman’s Surprise
                By Z. M.

I built a snowman as white as can be
He’s so white he sparkles through the tree.
He’s round and chubby and gives a surprise,
When anyone smiles at him he cries.

Making people happy is what he likes to do
And if you see him you would smile too.
I wish I could move him to a cold wintry place,
Then he wouldn’t melt and leave without a trace.

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Jack Meets Mack

             Jack Meets Mack
             By L. K.

I met a snowman, his name is Jack.
Unfortunately, he was run over by a very big Mack.
Instead of being white, chubby and round,
He’s flattened out now, all over the ground.

The children who made him were very sad,
The driver of the Mack truck was even their dad.
The weather forecast calls for lots of snow,
So dad will rebuild him and the children’s faces will glow.

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Snowman's Ride
                  Snowman’s Ride
                        By C. T.

There was a snowman, his name is Fred.
He was very big and rode a sled.
The sled went so fast , as fast as can be,
Down the hill it went and nipped past that tree.

Before you know it, he hears a thump,
And when he looks back, a fat cat was that bump.
The sled goes on and hits a rock pile,
The snowman’s journey was over a mile.

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The Snowman
                  The Snowman
                      By L. P

I built a snowman he’s white you can see,
With buttons from pinecones, and arms from a tree.
He is the best snowman I have ever seen,
He was real and cut and not one bit mean.

I gave him eyes and now he can see,
He did not speak, but he just looked at me.
I gave him a mouth, so he could talk
Now he can speak, but he cannot walk.

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The Snowman2
                The Snowman
                   By C. S.

The children built a snowman on the snow,
They had fun building him, and watching him grow.
They used three balls stacked up on each other,
The littlest child thought it was his big brother.

His face has two eyes and a smile so big,
A carrot nose, and a hat on top of his wig.
A broom in his hand he holds tight as can be,
And a friendlier snowman you never will see.

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