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     The Westfield Area Elementary School Nature Center was developed as a place students could learn about nature and where the public could enjoy it.  It's the result of a combined effort by the W.A.E.S. staff, PTO, community volunteers, local businesses, and other interested groups and individuals.
     The Nature Zone includes over 25 flower beds which are maintained by classrooms and staff.  The students have planted hundreds of bulbs and annual flowers in the various plots.

Flower beds

    Each classroom is assigned a plot which they take care of throughout the school year.  This involves plant identification, weeding, planning, and planting.
     Plans are made for what needs to be ordered and planted for the year.  The bed is prepared for winter in late September and early October.  New plants and bulbs are ordered.  The bulbs are planted before winter sets in.

Variety of Trees

     Elementary students have planted over 100 trees and shrubs in the center.  Bird feeders are also placed around the school and throughout the Nature Zone.


      Another part of the Nature Zone is the greenhouse.  The greenhouse is used to raise annuals for planting in the spring.  It is also used for classroom projects that involve growing plants.
     The annuals that were ordered in the fall arrive in late winter and are raised in the greenhouse till they are ready for transplanting in May.  Many plants and hanging baskets are also raised by the children to take home for Mother's Day.

Greenhouse Hanging BasketsGreenhouse annuals
The greenhouse was purchased with funds provided by a Packer Foundation Grant, a personal donation from Lawrence Kuehn (A Pearl Harbor Survivor, from Industry, Texas. See Pearl Harbor Project at Index.), and funds provided by the Northern Tioga School District.
     The structure was constructed by JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act) participants in the NTRPDC (Northern Tier Regional Planning & Development Commission) out of school youth program.

Gazebo in Memory of Jack Bush
The Nature Zone's Gazebo was constructed in memory of Lt. Jack Bush, a top Navy pilot, who lost his life in February 1997 in an airplane accident.  Funds for the materials were provided by Dr. and Mrs. John Bush.  Construction was carried out by JTPA participants.

High School Students Constructing Foot Bridge
Two foot bridges were constructed by CV High School Industrial Arts students.

May 1997 Dedication Ceremony
    A dedication ceremony was held in May 1997.  Students presented a special Spring Program for the hundreds of parents and community members that attended.  Individuals, local businesses, and community groups were recognized and honored for their help in creating The Nature Zone.

Student Performance May 1997Recognizing the Many Contributors and Helpers

Mr. Huzey and Students     The driving force behind the Nature Zone from the beginning has been W.A.E.S. Principal, F. Thomas Huzey.  His vision and hard work brought this educational dream to reality.  He continues to work with the students and staff every year to develop and maintain the center for future generations of students.
     The public is encouraged to volunteer their help and expertise and to come, walk through, and enjoy The Nature Zone.

The Following Organizations, Businesses, Groups, and Individuals Have Devoted Time, Effort, and/or Money to the Development of The Nature Zone.

K & W Medical Specialties
Ralph Wolsternholme

G.P.U. Electric Company

Tri-County Rural Electric Co-op

Wal-Mart Corporation

North Penn Gas Company

Northern Tioga School District

Morgan & Margraff

C.N.G. Transmission Corporation

Westfield Tanning Company

Ackley's Sporting Goods

John and Lois Bush

Larry Kuehn

The Packer Foundation

Electri-Cord Manufacturing Company

Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission

Tioga County Conservation District

Westfield Area PTO

Bill Bloom

Bob Seeley

Ellen Hughes

The Teachers and Staff of The Westfield Area Elementary School


Mr. Huzey and Students in The Nature Zone

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