Historic Postcards of Punxsutawney:

We have a collection of postcards of the Punxstawney area. Many of them are on display in the Museum. The following are several examples of what we have in the collection.

  • Bandstand in Barclay Square
  • Adrian Hospital at Park and Jenks Ave. The postcard says "New Wing 1948" on it. This might be wrong. The front of the building on the postcard is an addition but it was my understanding that the addition was built after 1949. The original structure can be seen by looking at a picture of the hospital from 1949.
  • Masonic Building at the corner of E. Mahoning and Jefferson. This building is gone. Currently, the Integra bank is located on this site.
  • Post Office at the corner of Pine and Findley St.
  • YMCA Building at the corner of Pine and Findley St.
    The Lyle House

    The Lyle House on Cherry St. by S. Thomas Curry