Auto Downline Creation Start-Up Program. (ADCUSP)

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The object of this program is to help you start out running in the network programs you chose to seek the High Income opportunities in. We do most of the work for you, to start your downline, which can be over a hundred people(well over). All of these programs have very high income potentials, are very well respected and most have a well documented history behind them, both in consumer usage and marketing, some are true ground floor opportunities, look at all the money people(like you) made and are making when they got in at the ground floor in colloidals (which I hope you studied the mineral deficiencies article). This will give you a very good head start with as little work as possible. We will also help you build your downline after the start-up program through voluntary co-op advertising programs and coaching. This will give you that extra edge in the network marketing industry to help make you a success, instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertising and not even get off the starting line.

How it Works

You chose the three programs you wish to seek high income in and one alternate. The first program we start you from the top down, the second program we start you at the bottom and the third we start you in the middle. All you do is send us $10.00 and we set you up in this program. As soon as we reach a predetermined amount of enrollees, we mail too you the sign-up forms, you sign-up (some require you to purchase a distributors kit, the most expensive kit is under $20.00) so the most this program will cost you, including the $10.00 sign-up is $52.00 plus your postage and coping cost. That's it, its that simple.


You can E-Mail the filled out information below or print this out and mail it to us at the below address. If you chose to E-mail this information you must mail us a check or money order to the below address to become enrolled. If you print out this form and mail it, please include the check along with the form. You must complete the entire form except where noted.

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Telephone Number (you may call our voice mail box and leave your number their(see below), or mail it to us).

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Make Checks payable to: Rare Arts

Send To: Rare Arts, P.O. Box 127, Warren, Pennsylvania 16365

Telephone Number: 1-814-726-2332 Box (VOX) 120

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We reserve the right to change, alter or cancel this program if it becomes nessary.