Colloidal Confusion

Patrick Flanagan & Gael Crystal Flanagan

copyright 1996

Some of Patrick Flanagan accomplishments:

At age 11 he designed a device which help detect missile launch, which the government classifies as "Top Secret' .

At age 14 he designs a device which enables a deaf person to hear.

By age 19 he is named one of the Top Ten most promising young scientists in America by LIFE Magazine.

And guess what he accomplished by the time he is in his 50's?

Virtually all other inorganic colloidal mineral products look like broken glass under the microscope.

This means that these products could easily damage cells with their sharp edges. An example of a colloid with colloid with sharp edges is diatomaceous earth.

These tiny colloidal minerals are used to kill insects because these tiny colloids have edges that look like broken glass.

When insects get diatomaceous earth particles on their bodies, the particles cut up the insect like broken glass.

The same thing could happen to your cells if you were to take diatomaceous earth into your body.

"They copied all they could follow, but they couldn't follow my mind so I left 'em sweatin' and scheming a year and a half behind" Rudyard Kipling, Ballad of the Mary Glucestor

Products making copy-cat claims are coming out of the woodwork.

Crystal Energy and Mierocluster products have been on the market now for 12 years.

If you look around at other so-ealled colloidal products on the market you will find these Johnny Come-Lately products are trying to copy our claims.

Our claims are supported by University studies, none of our competitors have any independent testing to prove their efficacy.

Studies by Dr. Bruce Marlow at the University of Massachusetts were so profoundly interesting that Dr. Marlow who was one of the world's foremost colloidal chemists said that our Microcluster mineral catalysts are different from any other colloid he had ever studied.

Electron Seanning Microscope studies at the University of Minnesota prove that our Microcluster nano-particles consist of nearly perfect spheres with an average diameter of 5 nanometers or less.

Some of our competitors have tried to copy some of our written material almost to the point of plagiarism claiming that their product have nano-meter sized particles.

We gathered every single product that we could find and tested these products with simple 200 nano-meter filters.

None of our competitor's products would even pass through these filters showing that their socalled colloidal particles are huge.

Flanagan Microcluster products are in a class by themselves-no one else in the world has anything that even comes close to the power of our Microcluster technology. Ordinary colloids are not magical-they are extremely abundant in nature.

Every time you drink a cup of coffee or tea you are consuming huge quantities of colloidal minerals

Milk, coffee, tea, orange juice, carrot juice and all organic food products are loaded with colloids.

One of the most prestigious scientific societies, the Royal Society of Chemistrydefines a colloid as any material particle that has one or more dimensions in the range of 1-1000 nanometers (billionths of a meter).

This means that a piece of paper 8.5 by 11 inches would be considered a colloid if it was less than 1000 nanometers thick.

When all three dimensions fall in the lower colloidal range of 1-10 nanometers colloids no longer behave like ordinary colloidal minerals but are propelled into a new dimension of energy potential in which these nano-particles behave like giant atoms that have highly energetic catalytic powers.

This nano-dimensional size range sets our Microcluster particles apart from ordinary colloids.

Until we created our Microcluster technology, no one in the world could even make a colloid that small.

Flanagan Microcluster technology is a pioneering development into the realm of nanotechnology.

Flanagan Microcluster technology is the only nano-technology in the nutritional field that can back up its claims with hard evidence.

Our products consist of nano-spheres that are smaller and have more powerful electronic charges than any other form of colloidal mineral.

Surface Tension

Another feature of Flanagan Microcluster nano-spheres is that they reduce the surface tension of water to the same level as the surface tension found in living fluids.

Human blood plasma has an average surface tension of 45 dynes per centimeter while ordinary water has a surface tension of about 73 per centimeter.

Low surface tension is vital to life - we could not live if the surface tension of the water in our bodies were raised to that of plain water.

One of the most powerful and easy demonstrations of reduced surface tension is the duration of surface foam when a fluid is shaken. All fluids foam when they are agitate.

The life of foam bubbles is dependent entirely upon surface tensionÑthe lower the surface tension, the longer the life of the foam.

All natural water from living organisms generate foam when agitated.

If you shake fresh human blood plasma, orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, wheat grass juice, beet juice or carrot juice they all generate surface foam to varying degrees as a result of their low surface tension.

Most people have experienced the foam on top of a glass of very low surface tension beer.

The fact that our Crystal Energy product foams is an indication that we have succeeded in doing what we claim-that we have made a water product that changes ordinary water into a fluid that closely approximates living fluids.

Flanagan Microcluster products are the result of a 33 step proprietary process that is known only to Patrick and Gael Crystal Flanagan and is the result of over 80 years of combined research.


Exciting developments in nutritional sciece have recently opened up an entirely new realm of knowledge about human nutrition and the technology of delivering nutrients to the cells of the human body. Perfected by Drs. Patrick and Gael Crystal Flanagan, Microclusters are combined with the most powerful superfood nutrients available on planet Earth to create a dynamic new class of nutritional supplements. Light Force formulas with Microclusters cannot be compared with any other nutritionalproducts. They are in a class of their own!

What Are Flanagan Microclusters?

Flanagan Microclusters are powerful, tiny mineral clusters that energize virtually all nutrients with which they come into contact. These clusters act as microscopic transport vehicles, dramatically reducing the size of nutrients and delivering them directly into the cells. About 5 to 10 nanometers (billionths of a meter) in diameter, Microclusters are so small that 2.4 million of them can be placed side by side on the head of a pin. And, incredibly, they have an enormous surface area of about 240,000 square feet per ounce. Microclusters surround tiny nutrient particles with an electrically charged mineral coating which protects the nutrients until they are absorbed into the cells, usually quite rapidly.

How Flanagan MicroclustersWork

Flanagan Microclusters have a very high zeta potential (negative electrical charge) and are small enough to easily penetrate any cell membrane in the body. Zeta potential represents a basic law of nature. It plays a vital role in the health of all forms of plant and animal life. It is the force that maintains the discreteness of the trillions of circulating cells that nourish the organism. If zeta potential is low, toxins cannot be suspended for elimination and nutrients cannot be suspended for transportation to the cells. The whole system becomes clogged. fIigh zeta potential Microclusters may increase the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins by helping to maintain the proper polar attraction of negatively charged nutrients to the positively charged intracellular fluid. When these two electrical charges are in the appropriate balance, nutritional absorption and cellular metabolism are at optimum levels for a sense of high energy and aliveness.

Flanagan Microclusters and Hunza Water

There are at least five areas on Earth that have "special water" where people live to be 100 or more healthy years old. One such place is Hunza land, in the Karkorum Mountains just north of Pakistan. The cloudy water found in Hunza is full of natural colloids and minerals which are suspended by zeta potential. Colloids are tiny particles of matter which will suspend in water because of their electrical charge. This means they become an integral part of water. The discovery and study of these naturally occurring mineral clusters led the Flanagans to develop an exclusive 33-step manufacturing process to create Microclusters, thus bringing the life-supporting qualities of Hunza water to the rest of the world.


Crystal Energy is a catalytic liquid that, wher' added to another liquid, alters and reduces the surface tension, making it a more efficient solvent and wetting agent. It is the solvent nature of a liquid that enables it to perform its functions in the living system. Crystal Energy has a high electrical charge (zeta potential), which represents a basic law of nature. Zeta potential is the force that maintains the discreteness of the billions of circulating cells that nourish the body. The ability to wet foods-to assist in assimilation of nutrients and vitamins and to eliminate toxins-depends zeta potential and surface tension.

Flanagan Microclusters


Tiny electrically charged mineral clusters that reduce the particle size of nutrients, speeding up their digestion and assimilation into the cells.

Add Crystal Energy to your drinking water, preferably distilled or purlfied by reverse osmosis.

Add Crystal Energy to all beverages.

Add Crystal Energy to cut flowers to maintainfreshness; to mist house plants; to rinse vegetables and fruits.

Add Crystal Energy to catalyze your bath or spa; to make shaving smoother; add to shampoo, hair conditioner, toothbrush, and mouthwash.

Crystal Energy is great to spray on skin when sunbathing and to mist on skin before applying Phycotene Creme or cosmetics. Crystal Energy is great for pets.

There are hundreds of uses for Crystal Energy!

Ingredients: Flanagan Microclusters(purlfied water, silica, potash, magnesium sulfate).

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