Frequently Asked Questions & their Answers

by Lonnie Davidson

Questions on Body Biotics

Q: Can we take the capsules with any liquid, or only with water? A: Preferably purified water. Water that is naturally carbonated from its source is fine. Do not use chlorinated water as it kills the SBO's.

Q: Does the temperature of the liquid matter? A: Yes; the water ideally should be room temperature.

Q: Why do we need 8-10 ounces of liquid when we take the product? A: The SBO's are dormant in the capsule. They become active when they have sufficient liquid and help with detoxicification.

Q: If I feel tired or headachy, is it good to drink extra liquid or water? A: Yes. And water is best. The tired feeling may be due to your body cleansing itself of unwanted materials. Jethro Kloss, in the classic naturopathic text Back to Eden, makes the cleansing properties of water as opposed to other liquids very clear when he compares drinking to bathing. Would you elect to bathe in a cola drink? Even other health-promoting liquids must first have their nutritive value separated out and absorbed. Only water goes directly to the bloodstream to cleanse it.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum amount of water to drink? A: Drink at least one 8-10 ounce glass of water each time you take the product. The upper limit is no more than 16 ounces in any given hour. If you are waking in the night to urinate, it may mean you are drinking too much water.

Q: Is there an upper maximum on the number of capsules we can take per day? A: The product is absolutely non-toxic at any quantity. As we say on the bottle, we recommend 6 as the highest number needed. However, some people have elected to take 16-18 capsules per day.

Q: Can we use a blender to create a drink using the product? A: Yes. However, the product does not mix easily or well.

Q: Do we have to take the product 1/2 hour before a meal? A: You can take the product at any time and it will be effective. However, it is most ideal to eat something, even an apple, 1/2 hour after taking it. Food carries the product down the tract.

Q: How do I know when to increase the number of capsules? A: The guidelines on the label are, generally speaking, appropriate for the majority of people. After the period of time that is suggested there, if there are no indications of any kind of discomfort, then most likely the system is prepared to accept a greater quantity. Some people have very sensitive systems. In this case, begin with a fraction of a tablet and slowly increase it.

Q: Will the product affect weight loss or gain? A: Long term, yes.

Q: Can expecting or nursing mothers take the product? A: No, unless the mother was taking the product prior to becoming pregnantand then only one capsule per day.

Q: Can children take the product? A: No for children under the age of six, unless under the care of a physician. Yes for over age six. Regarding dosage, children from six to ten years of age can use 1/2 capsule, ideally thirty minutes prior to their evening meal. Over ten cand use one capsule daily. Remember, children may experience some of the same cleaning symptoms as adults; reduce dosage if appropriate.

Q: Can animals take the product? A: It is much more effective with animals. For small animals (cats and small dogs), begin with a fraction of a capsule per day. I began with 1/4th of a capsule. (The 1/4-teaspoon measuring spoon equals one capsule. Simple use 1/4th of this sized spoon.) Then, work up as you observe your animal. For medium and larger dogs, begin with a capsule per day, and again observe your animal as to increasing the dosage. Horse owners recommend that horses not be given more than 1 a day as they have a very sensitive system. If you give an animal too much, he will often have diarrhea. a: Can we give it to our plants? A: Yes. Either right before or right after watering.

Q: Do antibiotics kill the product? Does colloidal silver? A: Antibiotics kill the product; colloidal silver does not.

Q: What is the usual length of time someone is on the product before he sees it working? A: From 8 hours to 60 days, typically.

Q: Can the product be used in other ways? A: Colonization will happen anywhere in the body where there are mucous membranes. You can for example, use it for the mouth and gums by putting tiny bits in and leaving it there, perhaps while watching television or reading. Brush and floss prior to using it, and then leave it in overnight. You can also use it as a gargle or sip it slowly. I used a dropper with a small amount of water for my cat's ear problem.

Q: Can I take vitamins, etc., while I take the product? A: Yes. However, your body will absorb anything you take in better. This means that you may want to reduce the dosage of your supplements.

Q: Would it also be appropriate to reduce any western drugs I am taking? And if so, how will I know how quickly to reduce them? A: If you are taking western medications, reducing them must be done under the care of a physician. Simply tell your physician how you are feeling. Physicians are used to working from this information. For example, if you are regularly taking something that sedates, you may notice that you are now more drowsy. Simply tell him this. He will be able to deal with this information wisely. You are encouraged to review this product with your doctor prior to using.

Q: What does it mean if I have flu-like symptoms, headaches, fatigue, constipation or diarrhea? A: These symptoms may mean that the product is indeed working, cleansing your body of stagnant material and pathogens. When you experience a cleansing reaction, it simply means that the product is cleaning out toxins faster than your body can flush them out. It is something like a traffic jam. Some of these toxins that were stored are now moving in the body and being reabsorbed. You may want to try drinking more water. If you still experience discomfort, simply decrease your dosage for several days, or go off the product for a day. If you are taking 1 capsule, take 1 capsule every other day, or 1/2 capsule a day. Constipation also often occurs, although not a typical cleansing reaction. It occurs when the unfriendly flora already in your Gl tract battle the friendly flora in the product, with each multiplying in order to win. The friendly flora will ultimately win.

Q: It order to reduce the discomfort of the cleansing reactions, would it be wise to take bentonite, psyllium seeds, activated charcoal, or flax seeds? A: Bentonite, according to colonic therapists, can cause problems for some individuals. Psyllium seeds will tend to remove the SBO's from the walls of the intestines, so they also cannot be recommended. Activated charcoal is best used as an emergency measure for poisoning as it absorbs not just toxins but everything of value as well. Whole flax seeds, because they're jelly-like, are fine.

Q: What if someone has been taking laxatives regularly for some time? A: In this case, peristalsis has often become dependent upon the laxative, and it is usually best to gradually reduce the laxative rather than stopping suddenly.

Q: We would like to increase our understanding, and also make gradual improvements in our health habits. Are there any books you recommend? A: Two excellent books are Your Health Your Choice, by Dr. Ted Morter, and Guess What Came to Dinner, by Louise Gittleman. Part Two: Questions on Promoting Your Business.

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