I have been on Microwater for eight weeks. I have suffered with chronic bladder infections for twenty years. Also had allergies, candida, low blood sugar, toxic liver and chronic constipation. Nothing seemed to help. I had tried every diet, lots of herbal remedies. At on time I was taking seventy five pills a day, from a nutritionist.

After eights on the Microwater and cutting out sugar and dairy products, I've not had a bladder infection from day one. And everything else is being healed and I'm doing so much better. It's great to feel good. I hadn't known that feeling since I can remember.

I'm also really excited becaause of the weight I've lost. I've lost 26 lbs. in eight weeks. I weighted 185 when I started on the water and I now wiegh 159.

I'm so excited, I tell everyone I see about Mircowater.

Lois Mellberg 14427 N. 59th Dr. Glendale Az. 85306

I am a diabetic for about 15 years, five weeks ago I began to drink Microwater. My blood sugar ranged from 280 to 325. Today after 5 weeks of drinking Microwater my blood sugar count is 118 to 129. And also circulation in my left leg has improved drastically

Robert Lyman

In six short months, I have seen a dramatic difference in the pain surrounding my knees. For eight years I have not been able to kneel, bend or take a tube bath. That has all changed since taking Microwater. Also the swelling in my body is gone and I feel so much better. Digestion is not Digestion as before.

Not only myself, but my husbands Blood pressure is lower.  Many wonderful things are happening and I know I'm in for wonderful miracles.

Judy L. Fay, 5714 LeJeune Drive, Orlando, Fl 32808

In early May of 1996 I had broken the heal bone of my foot. In june while I was walking on some wet pavement with crutches, the crutches slid out from under me. I landed on my knees injuring or cracking my left knee cap. Water on the knee developed and for over the next two months my knee kept getting worse and more swollen. After seeing a doctor, he said they couldn't do much of anything without surgery and the best thing would br to let it heal over time on it's own. We received our Microwater machine on August 30th. Eight days after drinking the water the swelling started to go down and three days later my knee was back to normal. The broken bone in my foot also started to heal at a much faster pace.

Another ailment I always have is the easy development of gout caused by the kidneys not being able to filter the uris acid from the blood. This would cause uric acid crystals to develop and settle into my joints which is extremely painful. After drinking Microwater for six weeks, I wanted to test the claims made about Microwater. I bought four lb. of ham, three lb. of pork brats and I picked a bunch of fresh tomatoes form the garden. Over the next three days I stuffed myself with this food which would be a sure bet for me to develop gout. Result: the uric acid forming foods had no bad effect on my body. I then tested for the uric acid content of the blood. The uric acid was at only 1/10th th elevel of which it was before I started drinking Microwater.

Jerry Schultz, 304 Short St. Lake mills WI 52551

I have experienced a greater sense of energy and alertness since I started drinking the water. Also, I have lost 8 lbs.

Brad Smith, 165 E. Division, Rockford, MI, 49341

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