"Water can live very well without people, but we people can only live for 3 days without water." This quotation already contains the whole truth about the importance of water as the most essential form of nourishment for all forms of life. But humanity treats water as if it were an infinite resource. Only around 3% of the total amount of water available in the world is fresh water. Most of this is only available in the form of ice or subterranean water which cannot be exploited by us so that all in all, only around 0.2% of all the water in the world can be used for drinking water. Water cannot be reproduced; it is recycled in a closed circuit.

The human body is 2/3 water, and this fact alone shows just how important healthy drinking water is for us. Every cell in our bodies needs water to function properly. Without water there would be no people, no animals, no plants.

To maintain all bodily functions, a human needs up to 3 liters/5 pints of fluids a day. Unlike hunger, which a human can survive for several weeks as the body possesses aufficient reserves of fat, a lack of water will lead to certain death of a period of 3 days as the human body cannot retain any reserves of water.

Humanity has been aware of this fact for thousands of years. In ancient Rome, for example, contamination of water was still seen as one of the greatest crimes. But we believe that we must sacrifice everything, and everything includes our water, on the altar of progress and so-called "prosperity." The people in our "prosperous" society have lost all respect for water and for Nature.

In the industrialized countries, for example, daily water consumption per head is between 150 and 300 liters/33-66 gallons. And of this only around 2% is used for drinking or cooking. The rest goes to flush toilets, to wash clothes, to wash the dishes, to wash the car, to clean the house, on body care or on watering the garden, etc.

And then there are the huge amounts consumed by industry. Up to 400 metric tons of water are used, for example, just to produce one metric ton of steel.

Almost every day we hear or read in the media that experts fear that there will be water shortages in the near future; or we learn how many diseases have their origin in poor water quality. Chemicals, fertilizers, air pollution, electrosmog, etc. are the reasons why water has lost its power of self-regeneration today.

In earlier times water still had this power of vitalizing the whole organism. Today, the emphasis seems to be more on putting so many chemicals (chlorides) into the water that it presents - at least from a scientific point of view - "no risk to health."


Excerpts from an interview with Dr. WolEgang Ludwig (physician, economist and naturalist). Excerpts from the book "Environmental Medicine" by Dr. Michael Treven.

Dr. Ludwig. "What only a few people know is the following: water charged with noxious substances, as is common today, -is normally found in our wells, virtually contaminated by lead, cadmium, nitrates and other toxic substances. Even submitted to chemical purification and sterilization in our water treatment facilities, some magnetic frequencies and vibrations of certain wave lengths, which may be directly traced to these toxic substances, will continue to exist.

"It is clear that even after adequate treatment, the water will still contain certain signs which, depending on the wave length, may be unfavourable or downright harmful to health.

"This means that in spite of all the treatment and the observance of accepted value limits, our drinking water may still be harmful to our health, due to the information previously deposited in it. Frankly speaking: water contaminated with heavy metals preserves its ability oftransfernng to the human organism all the harmful information carried by the heavy metals, even after the most careful chemical preparation. This problem, for instance, may be dealt with through magnetism.


Water and, therefore blood too, are subject to a physical degeneration because of the influence of different exterior factors, e.g. radiation, pressure, pathogenic zones, etc. This becomes apparent when the angle, which binds the hydrogen atoms, to the oxygen atom in the molecule, is reduced. Through this both atoms move closer together. The result of the physical degeneration is generally known. Cage-like shapes develop (accumulation of approx. 100 to 200 molecules), which are relatively quiet. Because of this, micro-particles can now deposit themselves and form colloidal substances. The water loses part of its natural and extremely important ability to be soluble and transportable. This results in the formation of furrings in pipes, veins, etc.



Dr Wolfgang Ludwig PhD Natural Sciences Physicist

"All processes of life are directly or indirectly connected to water. For this reason, water occupies a special place in the problems of the environment".

The subject of "Water" is really too large to explain the problems related to it during a short interview.

We have therefore decided that, for once, we will not broach the subject of chemical problems such as contamination by nitrates, acid rain, etc.. Instead, we will concentrate on one of the aspects of drinking water, which up till now has received little attention and which is almost unknown. While the law on drinking water limits the amounts of harmful chemical substances, and verifies that these limits are observed, discoveries by modern physics indicate that our knowledge about our primary life element, namely water, is extremely limited. we have interviewed the renowned physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig who, among other things, published articles in the book titled "Water - Polarization Phenomenon - Information Carriers - Remedies". Dr. Ludwig has been, several years, a consultant with the World Research Foundation in Los Angeles, and works in close association with Temple University in Philadelphia.

"Dr. Ludwig, you have said that water has the memory of an elephant. Can you give us some concrete examples?" Dr. Ludwig: "What I meant was that water has the property of being able to commit to memory certain bits of information on scientifically designated frequencies, and has the capability to transmit such bits of information to other systems, such as for example living organisms. Before we go in any further detail, we should recall a few basic characteristics of water. We know that three-quarters of our bodies consists of water. We can survive several weeks without food, but only a few days without water. When we drink polluted water, we are building, over a period of years, the basis for sickness or diminished health. To produce drinking water, it has to go through a number of chemical processes which should elirrrinate a great number of pollutants. Although inadequate, we try to limit the quantity of nitrates, which are practically harmless to adults, but can be very unhealthy to infants. We cannot even agree as to the permitted chemical qualities of drinking water.

During the last few years, research on a scientific level has started on the interaction between water and living organisms, and more specifically the electromagnetic oscillations. In this field of research, we have very little hard knowledge at our disposal. If this research were able to successfully apply the existing known results to a wider scientific level and draw conclusions from it, this would result in revolurionary consequences in the field of general health."

"Let us be more precise. What do you mean by water being a carrier of information? Up till now, which scientific findings has modern physics come up with?" Dr. Ludwig: "What very few people know is the following fact: polluted water as we find it presently in our wells is contaminated with lead, cadmium, nitrates and many other harmful substances. Although the water treatment plants chemically remove these substances and bacteria, the treated water gives off electromagnetic frequencies, vibrations of particular wavelengths which, upon close examination, correspond with those of the removed harmful substances. The water, even after its treatment, therefore retains certain signals which, depending on their wavelengths, can be beneficial or damaging to our health."

"This is certainly a statement with serious consequences: is there no other explanation that our drinking water, possibly to a considerable extent, even after purification and within observance of the limits, can possess the stored information that can be damaging to our health? In plain language, does this mean that water which was contaminated by heavy metals, even after full cleaning treatment, can transfer the polluting information of these heavy metals to the human body?"

Dr. Ludwig: "That is exactly what it means. Certain electromagnetic frequencies from water containing heavy metals have, as you know, been detected in, for example cancerous tissue. I want to mention the very low1.8 hertz frequency. As we have found out, the drinking water of a certain large German city emits waves of this frequency. Please note that before we measured it, this water had been distilled twice. We can therefore conclude the following: after treatment, even after distillation, the information left by the pollutants, being the transferable electromagnetic oscillations, can be found in the water molecules. While our dninking water is cemically clean, physically it still is contaminated by tbe pollutant information. When we drink this water, it is not any chemical substance that is damaging; instead, it is the harmful frequencies."

"Which frequencies are those? Has this been proven?"

Dr. Ludwig: "Unfavorable frequencies are for example 1.8 and 5.0 hertz, while 1.2 hertz, 2.5 hertz and 10.0 hertz are useful frequencies, as is the 7.8 hertz frequency which is present in nature; we call it the Schumann wavelength, of which we know that it plays an important role in the function of the brain. The 5.0 hertz frequency is also known as the listless frequency, as many people suffer from nausea when subjected to rhis frequency. It is true chat, at the present, we do know only a few frequencies which have been proven to be really harmful. I mention here another prominent example: the normal frequency of a quartz watch is around 32.5 kilohertz, which is an unfavorable oscillation. There are quartz watches which emit a frequency of 1.0 megahertz, but they are rather expensive. These 1.0 megahertz watches do not present any provable harm, while according to statements made by medical doctors, the regular quartz watches may lead to all kinds of complaints."

" When we know thar water can be loaded with pollutant information, do we know of any method to wipe OUt this nefarious information? In other words, are there any effective ways to get rid of this unpleasant situation?"

Dr. Ludwig: "There are several ways to overcome this problem. Several procedures use the principle of stirring up the water. We know this from the observation of creeks and streams: the water is stirred up while flowing through the curves and bends; this process produces not only a self-cleaning chemical treatment, but also a selfcleaning physical trearment. According to the modern chaos theory, life starts at the border between chaos and order, where so-called "strange atrractors" develop which indicate turbulences. Expressed in simple words: water turbulence is necessary for the building of "living" water. One can also destroy the pollutant information by X-ray radiation, but this is less desirable since it is possible that toxic links may be created. Another possibility is to magnetize the water or to treat it with laser beams. Up till now, the simplest method seems actually to be the stirring of the water. Measurements have indicated that the pollutant information and also the damaging frequencies can be erased through repeated stirring processes; in the case where water is still chemically polluted as it was before, the damaging frequencies will return very quickly."

"If this overall theory should be right, then the so-called therapeutic waters should give indications of strong positive electromagnetic oscillations?

Dr. Ludwig: "Interestingly enough, measurements of water from Lourdes and the Ganges and many other tests of therapeutic water from other sources indicate just that. Water from the Ganges river, although it really is very dirty, has an absolutely ideal spectrum, meaning that it emits solely such frequencies as are friendly to man. The same results are indicated for therapeutic water from other mineral springs. Incidentally, a control method to establish the quality of water is to measure the absorption of ultraviolet light by the water. The better the quality of water, the less absorption of ultraviolet light. The reverse is also true: the worse the quality of the water, the more absorption of ultraviolet light. It is interesting to note that polluted water, even after thorough cleaning treatment, still shows a very high reading of ultra-violet light absorption."

"Can one measure the frequencies of the water over the total spectrum of electromagnetic wavelengths? Is this technically possible?"

Dr. Ludwig: "There are several models of spectrometers that are capable of doing this. I would also like to report a further connection that relates ro rhe phenomenon of life. Water is subject to a very complicated process, and at the same time all life on earth is connected to water. Water is differenr from other liquids in the fact that it builds a so-called Two-Phase System besides a non-orderly number of water molecules, it also has a highly orderly share or phase. We call this share crystalline-liquid, since it possesses a very high crystal formation process. Whereas the energetic bonds in the normal-liquid non-orderly state are very weak, the intermolecular forces in the crystalline liquid part have considerable energies. They lead to combinations of several hundred water molecules. These intermolecular bonds are called hydrogen bridges. The combination of several such bonds result in an infinite number of possible shapes of the crystalline-liquid phase of water, rightly called a very complex lattice system. This lattice system has as many vibrations as a harp and produces a great number of its own frequencies. This frequency spectrum is also a physical copy of rhe geometrical structure of water, and changes itself in a characteristic manner over a period of several life processes. One can spectroscopically read the life processes of water. To make it more understandable: in the future we will determine water quality not only chemically but also spectroscopically. Life processes are connected to water by chemical/physical processes and can be verified from the water. Also, sickly conditions of the water leading to loss of viability and to death show themselves in the structure of water. Thus differs the photon (light quantum) spectrum of poisoned water very clearly from the spectrum of living water: the latter shows up like a busy photon exchange with the surrounding area such as the organic cells which are in the water.

The resonance properties of water change as soon as water comes in contact with a harmfill chemical such as lead, cadmium or similar substances. A completely new spectrum is created. Every harmful chemical has its own series of frequencies, which seem to be transferred to the water when the water comes in contact with the harmful chemical. Precise research concerning the background of this phenomenon has still to be done, but the resonance theory may provide an acceptable explanation. This principle has been applied during the last two hundred years in the practice of homeopathy, without knowing the exact physical background. One "shakes up" the water - a kitchen salt or alcohol solution - with the proto-tincture, thereby impressing the moving force of an electromagnetic vibration. This is the reason why homeopathic substances are still potent in highly diluted form, even when not one molecule of the original solution is left. The electromagnetic vibrations have been proven during one of my experiments: a sealed ampoule with two electrodes, floating in the water, transferred the frequency of the homeopathic solution to the water, right through the fully sealed ampoule!

Interestingly enough, it seams to deal with the principle that we treat the organism with the help of a physical vibration by applying it against a sickly vibration. In other words, the information that produces the ill effects in the organism is treated physically by applying its exact counter-information; which is contained in the homoeopathic medicine, without demonstrable proof that the medicine caused by a chemical change."

"Can this principle also be applied to biovibration therapy?"

Dr. Ludwig: "Yes. It remains to be seen if a similar principle can be developed which would wipe out the damaging information contained in our drinking water. In any case, we know that it is possible, with the help of the biovibration, to eliminate harmful chemicals from the body probably through the fact thar the countervibration excites the body water, causing it to discharge the harmful chemical. It seems also possible, against the widely held opinions by the practioners of traditional medicine, that we can remove cadmium from the body."

"The theories set forth by you lead to the cautious conclusion that in the future it may be possible to treat water elecrromagnetically, not only by eliminating negative or harmful chemical information, but also by introducing positive frequencies. Is this supposition right?"

Dr. Ludwig: "Such attempts have already been made: I personally took part. In England, Professor Smith made a study during which he radiated a volunteer subject during 15 minutes with a frequency of 40 hertz. Subsequent analysis of the body water indicated that this person had a self-frequency of 40 hertz, but also the multiple frequencies of 80 and 160 hertz were stored in his body. In a similar fashion can one detect in body water the 50 hertz frequency, with its multiple frequencies of 100, 200, 400 hertz, and so on.

However, coming back to your question: with the assistance of wireless magnetic fields has it been possible ro transfer the vibrations of precious stones, colours and sounds not only to body water, but also to ordinary water. Living water has high quantums of exchange mechanisms, meaning that it absorbs biophotons and transmits them again in a continuing exchange process, similar to the water from Lourdes and the Ganges. Water loaded with harmful chemicals is dead, and even the best efforts cannot bring it back to life again. It is energetically dead, and contains no useful information whatsoever. Water which is biologically very viable must retain specific information and certain useful frequencies if it is to have a beneficial effect on the body. However, research on these subjects has still a long way to go to study these phenomena. But we have ro realize that the materialistic view of this world is studying only maybe one billionth part of reality. Very little research is being done on the energetic exchanges between marerial and biological sysrems, although the phenomena relating to this field have been known ro mankind for thousands of years. We know from the experiences with dowsing that there are so-called power locations where certain plants will grow, and they will not grow anywhere else. Physical measuremenrs have determined that gamma radiation at these locations is higher than usual. But this is only a single parameter in a whole spectrum of factors of which we know absolutely nothing. It would be a totally wrong presumption if we believe that we have studied and explained all the observable phenomena which occur in nature. We possibly may know one tenrh of one percent of these realities.

Some of it is our extremely limited knowledge of the properties and influence of water on the processes of living organisms. One thing is sure: drinking water should be subjected to a precise spectral analysis, and we should use good water when our own drinking water would be biologically dead or very damaging, not measured according or to existing health laws applying to drinking water, but should be measured with spectrometers that have a range from 0 Hertz to Megahertz. It would be advisable that environmental medicine would encompass and research the physical properties of water, including body water, and instirute a special research program that would examine the interactions. The so-called border limit would take on a completely new dimension, namely the definition of living water or water useful to life is something totally different from germ-free warer, or water with a low nitrate conrent, whose lead or cadmium contents would be considered harmless because they are within rhe prescribed limits of the law. In view of the discoveries that we have discussed here, our responsibiliry is not to search for new border limits but to switch to a new concept, namely that we should talk about life, and not about matter.

Tests of the "spin" have also been carried out with edible foodstuffs and water, by boiling them in electric and gas ranges. It was determined that the water and the edibles boiled in the electric range had lost their magnetic alignment, while the alignment of the water and the edibles boiled over the open fiame was not in the least altered.

Baron Karl von Reichenbach researched the existing correlations between magnetism and the human being, and was able to establish that man has a polarity. In his tests, the head showed the same characteristics of the North side of a magnet.

Reichenbach recommends, among other things, that the work station should be chosen so that the person keeps his back turned to the North. In bed also, the head should be directed to the North. Cure through magnetism, whether the touching is done with one or two hands, is gaining more importance each day. In a test carried out along five years, and involving 532 smokers (minimum of 31 cigarettes per day), 20% ofthe participants benefited from magnetic cure. None of them ever went back to smoking.

Plants treated with magnetized water reacted in a test, with a growth in the order of 20% to 40% bigger than the plants treated with regular water. Also, the magnetized water displayed a clear antibacterial effect. The degree of disinfection was established between 50% and 97%.

R. Thetter writes in his book "Magnetism, The Original Medicine": Ever since Mesmer, the miraculous effects of mesmerized water and its applications are praised and strongly recommended.

There follows a strengthening of the whole body. Water has a far greater capacity for the absorption of magnetic forces than any other liquid. Of extraordinary effects, however, are the baths in magnetized water. One cannot aufficiently praise the calming and strengthening effects of this practice.

When we drink, the water charged with magnetic energy passes its energy on to our organism. VIBRATIONS - A NEW AND MAGNIFICENT THERAPY

Vibrations will, in the future, revolutionize some medical treatment practices in common use up to now.

It was in 1974 that the German physician Franz Morell succeeded in separating for the first time the harmonic from the disharmonious vibrations of the organism, and encompass both health and sickness in the vibratory plane.

Methods of purifing Water