The Healing Crisis

"All cure starts from within out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared" - Hering's law of Cure

Many people who take the course of natural healing may experience, what has been labeled, a "Healing Crisis". This Healing Crisis usually comes in the form of severe colds and flu's.

Most people take this as a sign that the products they are taking or the life style change they are now following is actually causing more harm to themselves, and they then quit this new path they have chosen.

Most learn-ed Alternative health practitioners understand that when people, who follow the natural healing path, come down with flu's and colds, it is actually part of the healing crisis, the elimination of toxin's from the body.

A average person on a naturally healing path usually develop's a healing crisis within three months, some crisis's can be very severe. Most crisis's manifest themselves in the reverse order in which they infected the person. Most people are quite often feeling the best they have felt, in a long time, when the healing crisis occurs.

The Human body is governed by the law of it's creator. What we feed ourselves with determines our well being. We earn what we eat. The choice is ours. If we eat good healthy foods, we live good healthy lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In order to achieve good health, the natural way, healing crisis may occur. A healing crisis is the result of the whole body acting is unison to eliminate the toxin's that have accumulated in the body, over the years. These toxin's maybe from previous drugs taken to "end" a cold or flu, or possibly drugs taken to stop a infection, rash, etc..., most alternative health practitioners agree that using a drug, to stop a illness, only "hides" the symptoms, pushing the problem deep inside the body, only to manifest themselves, years later as cancers and other health problems. The healing crisis "symptom's" are usually identical to the disease that the body is eliminating.

The crisis will usually be as severe as the body can handle. During the height of the crisis, a person should minimize the intake of food, if not completely ceasing the intake, of food all together. People forget the disease or injuries they received in the past, but they usually remember the their past problems during a healing crisis.

A crisis usually last for three days for a person with average health, it may last longer for people with low energy levels. Water and fresh squeezed juices are one of the best things to consume during a healing crisis. People should never stop the intake of water during a healing crisis, water helps carry off the toxins during a crisis.

Many people go on a fast to initiate a healing crisis quicker.

The foregoing is for educational purposes only. It is not meant for any particular disorder or disease.

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