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GOD'S LAW ON FOOD - A list of foods, according to the Bible, that are fit or unfit to eat, including creature's of the Air, Sea and Land.

SOIL BASED ORGANISMS (SBO's) - Having been used for thousands of years and present in our fresh foods until the turn of the century, when, with the advent of processed foods, pesticides and insecticides, most SBO's are or have been destroyed. Soil Based Organisms are astounding scientist and health researchers worldwide. Are SBO's the missing link to maintaining good health?

Popular Science recently published an article on the many amazing discoveries that have been made with SBO's(March96). Certain all natural SBO's can possibly eliminate accumulated matter in the intestinal tract, which is where many harmful organisms proliferate that can be the cause of many health related problems. USA today has also recently published a article on the amazing discoveries made with SBO's.

SBO's can help stimulate the immune system (creating a huge pool of uncoded anti-boidies) and breakdown hydrocarbons, thereby increasing overall absorpion of foods. They can aid the digestive system process elimination and are very aggressive against pathological yeasts, molds, virues and fungi, helping to eliminate them.

This is just a small list of the benefits Soil Based Organisms have to offer to a person concerned about maintaining or re-establishing their health.

LEARN all of the benefits Soil Based Organisms can offer you in this detailed research reprint.(12 pages of groundbreaking information with letters from people who have used SBO's to regain their health)

BETA GLUCAN Beta Glucan is considered on of the most effective immune support compounds ever discovered, however many people do not know about it. This article summarizes the research conducted over the 50+ years on a practically every condition known to man and the results this compound produced. Beta glucan can be found in many plants and some animal species, and depending on what it is derived from will determine what type of health benefits.

DISCOVER how to identify a good Beta Glucan product from other inferior products

BETA GLUCAN and IMMUNE SUPPORT Immune support is becoming an ever increasing concern in the world today. All adverse health conditions can be related to something being wrong with the immune system. Immune support supplements are becoming very popular. One of the most popular is Beta Glucan. Beta Glucan is considered by health care practitioners, researcher and scientists to be one of the most effective and safe immune support materials ever discovered. However, the market is awash with Beta Glucan immune support products. Many of them are completely worthless.

DISCOVER the important aspects of immune support and Beta Glucan.

WATER PURITYand MICROWATER- Polluted water is one of the most critical problems plauging the world today, from Bacteria to Virues runing wild in our water supply, too chemicals used to stop them, research has proven that not only are the bacteria and virues bad for you but so are the chemicals they use to treat them. Many well respected researchers (including Dr. Henry Conda, holder of over 600 patents and a Nobel Peace Prize) studied five regions in the World where the people on an average live to an age of 120 years old, Conda felt that the Glacier water that fed them was the secret.

Research has shown that there are many different types of water, water drank from a mountain spring is very different from the same water gathered down in the valley for the town. By the time the water comes out of your faucet it has been filtered, chemicals added and transported through pipes under pressure, electromagnetic influences, calcium and rust. These factors destroy the vitality of the water, producing distortions in the frequency of the water, considerably reducing its natural vitality and magnetic energy. Just filtering the water still has negative effects which in turn have detrimental effects on people, animals and nature in general. Fatigued, devitalized water is unable to regenerate itself against pollutants and becomes a considerable problem to health.

LEARN the present commonly used treatments of water and their draw-backs and why re-vitalize water is so important to maintaining your health and how to naturally re-vitalize your water, with testimonials from people who have used re-vitalized water to regain their health)

HARMFUL INGREDIENTS IN COSMETICS, BATH SOAPS, AND SHAMPOO'S - Most cosmetics and hygiene products(Shampoos, Soaps, Toothpastes, Facial and Shaving Creams, etc....) contain some very harmful ingredients. One has been banned in most countries in Europe, and in area's of the united States of America, where this ingredient is used, it has been found that there is a higher rate of cancer. Other ingredients are used in brake and hydraulic fluids, floor cleaners and engine degreasers. .

Do you think this is healthy for your face or body?

DISCOVER the names of these ingredients and how to avoid them for a wiser and healthier you. Other dangerous ingredients, that you may come into contact with on a day to day basis are also included.

MINERAL DEFICIENCIES - Many well respected health practitioners and scientist have claimed that all disease's are directly related to a mineral deficiency. With all the talk about "Colloidal Minerals" as a "cure" all, one wonders if any serious research has gone into the cellular absorptions characteristics of colloidal minerals. Has their been any independent verifications?

If you look up the definition of colloidal in Websters, you will find "colloidal" means that it cannot pass through a semipermeamble membrane, all cells in your body are made up of semipermeamble membranes. Who cares if colloidal minerals are absorbed and can pass thru the intestinal walls, the minerals are needed inside the cell where most colloidal minerals cannot penetrate, they just hang around in the blood and lymphatic system until they are expelled out of the body thru urine, sweat or feces or they lodge themselves between the cells, this itern may lead to all sorts of problems, like arteriosclerosis, gallstones, kidney stones etc.....

You need a mineral that can pass thru both the intestinal wall and the semipermeamble membrane that surrounds the cell.

LEARN the difference between nano-colloids and micro-colloids, which ones actually work and which one don't and why the one's that don't work maybe DANGEROUS TO YOU.

THE HEALING CRISIS - Many people who embark down the path of natural healing, come down with severe cold's and flu's and feel that their symptoms are only getting worse, when in fact the toxin's that are causing their problem are actually being eliminated during these crises.

DISCOVER the sign's of a healing crsis and when they usally occur.

THE DENTAL FILLING, IS IT THE CAUSE OF YOUR HEALTH PROBLEMS ? There has been much controversy on the use of silver amalgam dental fillings for tooth cavities lately, many health practictioners believe that these fillings release, in vapor form, this substance, one of the most toxic substances known.

UNDERSTAND and discover the symptoms of this substance.


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