amalgam fillings -Twelve Points on Mercury Toxicity

Written and compiled by Dr. John Whitman Ray N.D., M.D. (M.A.)

I have had the pleasure of testing several hundred patients and students in my field of Body Electronics with the Jerome Mercury Vapor Analyzer. I have found only two people in all my testing who have not evidenced a continual toxic exposure to mercury vapor emanating from silver amalgam dental fillings under normal chewing compression. The amount of mercury vapor emitted under normal chewing compression exceeded in ten seconds what the maximum allowable mercury exposure would be in industry in a 40 hour work week as is indicated by both Russian and U.S.A. standards. This amount of exposure to mercury vapor is totally unacceptable to the scientific mind.

Dentists have been educated to believe that once mercury has been combined into the filling material, it remains "locked in" and can't come out. The sad fact is that there is absolutely no scientific research in existence to support this hypothesis. To the contrary, all evidence indicates that silver amalgam containing approximately 50% mercury is a source of extremely toxic elemental mercury adversely affecting the health of the human body.
Evidence now demonstrates that surface particles of the amalgam filling material are being chemically broken down and released into the oral cavity. These minute particles of mercury filling are acted upon by oral and intestinal bacteria to produce methyl mercury, an even more toxic form of mercury than elemental mercury with target areas being primarily the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and the brain.

  1. It has been demonstrated that dissimilar metals in the mouth can also contribute to electrical activity and corrosion (much like a battery) and can result in unexplained pain, ulcerations, inflammation and disruption of corresponding meridians in the body. This may result in a wide range of unexplained symptoms and disease.

  2. The presence of mercury in dental amalgam fillings has been shown conclusively to adversely affect the body's immune response. It has been shown that after amalgam removal the red and white blood cell levels tend to seek normal range with a corresponding increase in the body's immune response as evidenced by Tlymphocyte count increase.

  3. Research has indicated that mercury is the single most toxic metal that has been investigated, even more toxic than lead, cadmium or arsenic.

  4. The International Conference on Biocompatibility of Materials was held in November 1988 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A. Many of the world authorities on mercury and mercury toxicity met to discuss the issue of dental amalgam and other materials used in dentistry. Their official conclusion was drafted and signed which read: Based on the known toxic potential of mercury and its documented release from dental amalgams, usage of mercury containing amalgam increases the health risk of the patients, the dentists and the dental personnel.

  5. Autopsy studies from Sweden and Germany show a positive statistical correlation between the number of occlusal surfaces of dental amalgam and mercury levels in the brain and kidney cortex. It would be wise to point out that both elemental mercury and organic methyl mercury were found in brain tissue upon autopsy.

  1. Dr. David Eggleston of the University of California, found a Tlymphocyte count of 47% (ideal levels are between 7980%) in patients with silver amalgam fillings. After removal of the amalgams the Tlymphocyte count rose to 73%.

  2. Multiple Sclerosis patients have been found to have 8 times higher levels of mercury in the cerebrospinal fluid compared to neurologically healthy controls. Inorganic mercury is capable of producing symptoms which are indistinguishable from those of multiple sclerosis.

  3. It is the responsibility of every dentist and doctor to inform and educate their patients to the effect that:

    1. Mercury is contained in most dental filling material and all silver amalgam material.
    2. Mercury in fillings can have toxic effects on some persons. Manifestations of the disease of mercury poisoning only starts to become apparent three to ten years after the insertion of the mercury.
    3. There are alternative materials that could be used for dental filling that could have after effects on the individual.
    4. The patient has the right to insist that an alternative material be used.
    5. The freedom of individual choice in health care shall be inherently respected and preserved as an individual right and responsibility of free men everywhere.
    6. One must remember that the diagnosis of mercury intoxication is extremely difficult to ascertain because of the insidious nature of the onset of symptoms and because of most physicians' unfamiliarity or misinformation concerning proper testing techniques. Unfortunately, mercury is so toxic to the human organism, that there can be cell death or irreversible chemical damage long before clinical observable symptoms appear indicating that something is wrong. Since organic mercury in some body tissues (e.g. brain) has a half life of over 25 years (i.e. it takes the body 25 years to get rid of 1/2 of a single dose of mercury under normal circumstances) it is only a matter of time and degree of exposure until some form of symptomology appears. With all this in mind we cannot fool with mercury toxicity or delay the "safe" removal of silver amalgam fillings by the hands of a knowledgeable and responsible dentist.

Some reported symptoms of mercury poisoning follow:

1.One study reports depression, fatigue, insomnia, tremor, and loss of appetite are the most common sympto

2. Another study reported Mercury has been linked to cerebellar syndrome, hypertension, and myocardial failure [ heart problems].

3. Perhaps the most obvious symptom of mercury toxicity in dental amalgam cases is Lichen in areas of mouth in contact with fillings. Goes away with mercury removal. How would you like Lichen in your mouth. Major Yuch!

4. Another reports diarrhea, eczema, muscle pain, headache.

5. Perhaps the most disturbing for us with MS, is many studies report CNS symptoms including memory loss, depression, psychosis, cognitive problems, motor coordination loss, etc. The motor loss lasts even ten years after exposure [ thermometer factory workers].

6. Mercury was used in Britain until 1955 as a deworming agent and dental teething agent for children. Children born after 1955 there report little Young's syndrome or pink disease, while it's frequent before then.

7. Mercury affects the immune system, including lowering IgG. It easily crosses the blood brain barrier[BBB].

8. Amalgam filling removal has been shown to help arthritis, exercise induced asthma and MS. [ I have both exercise induced asthma and exercise induced MS. They've both gotten better since I started using filtered water. Fluoride leaches Mercury from fillings.]

Katsunuma et al. Exercise-induced anaphylaxis: improvement after removal of amalgam in dental caries. Annals of Allergy, 1990 May, 64(5):472-5.

Abstract: We present a case of exercise-induced anaphylaxis with improvement following the removal of dental amalgam. Although her symptoms were unresponsive to various kinds of therapy until removal of the amalgam, her symptoms related to exercise improved remarkably after the removal. The increase in plasma histamine levels for exercise provocation test also improved. This suggests that sensitivity to metals might cause exercise-induced asthma in some patients.

Siblerud et al..Evidence that mercury from silver dental fillings may be an etiological factor in multiple sclerosis. Science of the Total Environment, 1994 Mar 15

Abstract: This paper investigates the hypothesis that mercury from silver dental fillings (amalgam) may be related to multiple sclerosis (MS). MS subjects with amalgams were found to have significantly lower levels of red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit compared to MS subjects with amalgam removal. Thyroxine levels were also significantly lower in the MS amalgam group and they had significantl lower levels of total T Lymphocytes and T-8 (CD8) suppressor cells. The MS amalgam group had significantly higher blood urea nitrogen and lower serum IgG. Hair mercury was significantly higher in the MS subjects compared to the non-MS control group. A health questionnaire found that MS subjects with amalgams had significantly more (33.7%) exacerbations during the past 12 months compared to the MS volunteers with amalgam removal.

Note this last study implies not only did mercury cause a problem in MS, but that Mercury was high in MS patients compared to controls. This implies that Mercury not only contributes to MS symptoms, but that it partially causes the MS. If mercury only aggravated MS, but had no causal component, the Mercury level would be the same MS to control. This does not imply mercury is the sole cause of MS, as people without fillings or Mercury exposure may get MS. It just contributes to both cause and symptoms.

The one other study with figures I saw showed 43% greater exacerbation rate MS/Amalgam vs MS/removed. Needless to say I can't give exact quotes or references for each study, due to space limitation. There were 46 studies with title word amalgam and key word MS, and 54 title word mercury key word symptom. I show just two key references in case you need to double check my data.

I trust you find the scientific data on mercury amalgam fillings scary. I wish I had the money to get them safely removed. The conclusion is obvious. Amalgam fillings both contribute to MS, and partially cause it. Everyone is warned to avoid them in the future. If you can afford it, get them taken out by a dentist using proper precautions.

As a case of chelation therapy death was reported earlier in the group, I don't recommend chelation by drugs. Drink plenty of fluids, take a chelating tea or herbal tonic, and consider DMPS as a last resort only if you exacerbate immediately following removal. Expect a week of symptom increase before they get better, due to the short term mercury poisoning of the process, unless you use sufficient precautions mentioned previously.

I don't recommend people without MS or common symptoms of mercury poisoning getting their amalgam fillings removed unless it is done safely. It's better to wait until your dentist adopts safe standards. It's not that crucial for most people. However mercury has been suspected in Alzheimer's as well as MS.