NEWAYS products are manufactured on-site with state-of-the-art chemistry and natural ingredients from around the world. Variations of color, texture and bouquet reflect the region of the world and the time of year in which their biological extracts are harvested.

NEWAYS is known for its high degree of corporate integrity and is vitally concerned with the environment.
NEWAYS products cover 7 major groups:

1) Skin Care

2) Hair Care

3) Health/Nutrition

4) Body Contouring

5) Personal Care

6) Dental Care

7) Nail Care

NEWAYS uses safe, highly effective ingredients. Below are some of the ingredients used in NEWAYS products.

SOD ( Super Oxide Dismutase) - Best Antioxidant available for the skin.

YEAST CALL EXTRACT - One of the finest wrinkle appearance improvers ever discovered. Dynamic results on eyebag and line appearance.

ROSE HIPS OIL - The finest oil containing a greater variety of exotic but spectacular components than can be found in any other ingredients of this nature. Replenishes eyelids in the skin with an array of badly needed elements.

This is just a small number of ingredients used in NEWAYS products.


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