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Grander Water Revitalization Units These units are used to neutralize the detrimental frequencies in water produced by chemical treatment, transporting through pipes under pressure, electromagnetic influences, calcium and rust. These factors produce distortions in the frequency of water, considerably reducing its natural vitality and magnetic energy. Even filtering the water still leaves these negative frequencies which in turn have detrimental effects on humans, animals, and nature in general. Fatigued, devitalized water is unable to regenerate itself against pollutants, and becomes a considerable problem to health and economics. Grander Water products are not Filters.

The revitalization units not only neutralize the detrimental frequencies in water, they more importantly re-energize the water with natural, high-frequency vibrations. This provides tremendous benefits:

Personal Benefits:

* Fresh-tasting, invigorating water

* Refreshing showers and baths with no chlorine smell

* No more itching skin from chlorine

* Better assimilation of nutrients and better elimination of toxins because of reduced water molecule size

* Less soap needed for bathing, washing clothes & dishes

* Hair rinses cleaner and feels better after shampooing

* Reduced chlorine and chemical requirements for pools, hot tubs, and spas

* Cleaner hot tubs and spas

* Healthier plant growth--indoors and out!

* Healthier and greener lawns

The following are the Grander products available:

* Grander Water Revitalization Units

* Energy Rods

* Eko Fuelers (Eko Cats)

* Penergizers

* Wooden Plates

* Grander Blue and Yellow Water

* Hardcover book on Grander from Europe

Energy Rod: The treatment of sewage with the aid of the Energy Rod represents a process in which micro-organisms are activated in a fluid, water or sewage. The Energy Rod can be installed in open or in closed pits and will convey oxygen into the fluid, down to the full depth of the pit. This treatment triggers an aerobic-biological process which will lead to a noticeable beneficial processing of waste water.

The organic substance in the fluid is mainly composed of carbohydrates, proteins and fats derived both from animal and vegetable matter. One cubic centimeter of sewage contains several millions of micro-organisms. With oxygen infusion by the Energy rod, the aerobic (oxygen loving) microorganisms are activated. Their bodies develop, they multiply and destroy most of the decomposable organic substance. In this process of decomposition, carbohydrates and water are formed and heat is generated.

The effect of th 5 heating is as follows:

* Activates the micro-organisms.

* heats the fluid to 68 F-90. F

* leads to partial evaporation (volume reduction of approx. 20%)

* supports disinfecting, according to the temperature generated.

During this process a foam layer of up to 5 inches is formed. This layer acts as an odor inhibitor, however, the smell in the slurry is almost completely eliminated already, there is only a slight musty odor. The liquid from lagoons is actually used to flush out the new manure from barns usually producing an incredibly unpleasant ammonia and sulphur smell. One can actually walk into a barn where they are using the treated liquid manure to flush out the barns and smell only a very ocassional slight sulphur and very slight ammonia smell. The predominant odor in a team full of 1250 cows is the sweet smell of alfalfa.

More importantly the following effect is achieved:

THE PHOSPHORIC ACID, NITRATES AND SULPHATES WHICH WERE PRESENT ARE NOW COMPLElELY NEUTRALIZED! They are no longer acid compounds. They have been broken down into their natural elements, e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur. The plants no longer need to overcome the toxic effects of these acid compounds as the micro-organisms have already done that job. Hence, you obtain faster, heavier, more robust plant growth when this mixture is applied to a field.

Economic Benefits

* Reduced corrosion and deposits in pipes

* Improved washing of clothes with less soap * Reduced odors around toilet facilities from bacteria

* Improved growth of crops with faster germination, higher germination rates, increased big-mass (27-40%)

* Increases the life span of pipes, hot water tanks, dishwashers, air conditioners, heating systems, cooling towers, ice makers, etc.

* Removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits

* Solvency of the water increases profits from sales of coffee and reconstituted juices

* Improves aerobic bacteria functioning and big-degradation in septic tank systems

* Healthier farm livestock and domestic pets

* Cleaner, fresher barns and kennels

* Better and faster breakdown of manure Environmental Benefits

* Improved aerobic bacterial activity in all septic and sewage systems

* Reduced odors around septic systems, washrooms, urinals and grease traps

* No polluting salts, chemicals, or corrosive elements are produced as with conventional water conditioning systems

* Helps return ponds, lakes, and rivers to a healthy, living condition (formal projects can be undertaken in this field)

* Livestock, pets and aquariums thrive on Living Water

* Every time you use Living Water, you contribute to the solution of cleaning up the environment

Grander Revitalization Units come in the following sizes: 3/8", 1/2", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 3", and 4". They are preferably installed on the incoming water line so that all the water in the building and irrigation lines are treated. NOTE: These units are not filters. Some water situations may require pre or post filtration for bacteria, iron, sediment, etc. Know your water through testing!


1. 80-100% Utilization of Nutrients:

During the biologic treatment, the specific process applied by the Energy Rod allows the nutrients contained in the fluid to be converted into a form more readily assimilated by the plant life (eg. Pure KjdahledNitrogen.) The effective content of nutrients, especially that of nitogen, will optimize nutrient absorption by the plant.

2. Fertilization without danger of "burning" plant growth:

The treated sewage acts totally different when it is applied to plants. It does not " stick!' to the to the plant leaves as it did before, but runs off more readily which would of caused "Burning" of plant leaves and necessitated immediate sprinkler application of water to offset this problem. This does not occur even if the sun is shining. Therefore, fertilization may now be carried out at the most appropriate time for optimum growth.

3 Homogeneous manure quality:

Fluid treated with the Energy Rod maintains uniform consistency. The first barrel should be just as good as the last. Strip like patches of over or under fertilized soil will be a thing of the past. Clogging of irrigation equipment such as sprinklers and pumps will be almost non-existent reducing labor.

4. Crusting in unseparated lagoons is massively reduced:

The aerobic bacteria over a span of five to six months will completely digest all of or any existing crust. The microbes will actually break down the crust faster than six hundred cows can replace it. In approximately six to eight months time, it will become unnecessary for the farmer to agitate the lagoon prior to application on his fields as the only crust there will be, will be what has very recently been introduced. This will save an awful lot of time, diesel fuel and wear and tear on the tractor. It also eliminates the need for mechanical separation of solids, thereby, saving thousands of dollars in equipment and maintenance.

5. Calcium carbonate in plumbing and on the fields eliminated:

The treatment process reduces the surface tension of the water by 10%. This restores the waters ability to breakdown and carry off calcium carbonate. Therefore, plumbing will be far less prone to clogging. As the farmer irrigates year after year, this calcium carbonate is and has been building up in the soil often making the soil extremely hard. The water dissolves the calcium carbonate and carries it down to the water table and eliminates this build up thereby maintaining a better texture to the soil. This also promotes better drainage and causes the aerobic bacteria to flourish in the soil.

6. Allowing livestock to drink this water is very beneficial:

The heightened oxygen content of the water causes aerobic bacteria to flourish in the digestive tract. Livestock given the choice of treated water or untreated wate will always choose the treated water. They will also drink 10 to 20% more water. This will cause a corresponding increase in the production of milk. The drinking of the treated water builds the electrolytes which is very beneficial to the health of the livestock.

Eko-Fueler: This incredible unit is installed on the fuel line. It changes the fuel's buming properties. It enhances the energy of the fuel in such a way that the molecular structure of the fuel and that of the approximately 200 pollutants, is changed by an implosion - like effect. Even in diesel motors, Eko-Fueler's fuel purification actually can reduce the carbon black number - in many cases over 50%.

The results are:

* Increased oxygen parts in the fuel, producing better combustion.

* Reduction of emission concentrates in the area of 40-90%.

* Lower freezing temperature for diesel fuel.

* Increased horsepower and performance.

* Increased engine efficiency.

* Longer engine life.

* Reduced engine servicing costs.


The amazing Grander Water Technology is now available in a pen-like unit which can be carried in your pocket at all times. The casing, made of the highest grade magnetic chromium steel, encloses a high frequency fluid. When you stir any fluid with the Penergizer, the high frequency vibration is passed on to the fluid by resonance. The fluid being stirred becomes fresher, more alive, better tasting, healthier to drink. Coffee loses much of its bitterness. Wines and liquors become smoother, richer. Water becomes liberated from chlorine smell and taste, and is enlivened.

To use, stir the fluid in a clockwise rotation a minimum of 15-20 times. Let the Penergizer stand for a few seconds until the fluid is still. Remove the Penergizer, wipe it clean, and return it to its leather case. Note that the more severely the fluid being stirred is imbalanced or bad-tasting, the longer it will need to be stirred with the Penergizer (some coffees and water can only be improved so much!). The Penergizer has no known life span. With proper care (no freezing or boiling), it will last many years. It can be used in hot or cold beverages. There are very few beverages that appear to have a negative reaction to being stirred with the Penergizer. For example, Coke seems to lose its flavor, and some martinis taste terrible. On the whole, any beverage stirred with the Penergizer becomes greatly improved in texture and flavor. Be sure to carry the Penergizer with you wherever you travel, and whenever you go out to eat or drink. Use your imagination...and enjoy! .

Wooden Plates

In the interior of the plate there is a special copper construction with right and left rotating spirals which are filled with a concentrate of energized water. This accounts for the action of the plate from the top, the bottom, and also in a perimeter of several meters, depending on the strength of the unnatural energy fields to which it is exposed.

The plate builds up a natural force field and has a very positive effect on humans, plants, and animals. The plate can be used wherever unnatural energy fields are present or where less life energies can be absorbed as a result of such fields. Examples include: underneath a bed, a chair, a TV set, a computor, food, drink. By means of its natural forcefield, the plate improves the energy circulation of living things. The plate is not a protection against, but a neutralizer of unnatural fields of force.

Grander Blue Water

Grander Blue Water is used as a drink in small portions several times per day to revitalize a person who feels unbalanced. Many startling health improvments have been recorded, especially in the book: On the Track of Water's Secret, available from your distributor.

Grander Yellow Water

Grander "Yellow" Water is a mineral calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonate sulphate water. It is of natural origin, possesses high conductivity, and has a total hardness of over 35 grains due to the high calcium magnesium mineral content. It is collected from caverns which are underground in former copper mines. There has been no contact with environmental pollutants.

The Yellow water is similar to the Blue water, but it is more for topical application, and has been used successfully for psoriasis, dandruff, shingles, and other types of skin disorders. Many have discovered relief from the extreme pain of burns, and have reported the burns heal rapidly. The yellow water is applied topically and allowed to soak into the skin. A popular method of application is to use a 'misting' spray from a small spray bottle. Not for drinking.

Also available: The European best seller, On the Track of Water's Secret. The first part of the book discussed Viktor Schauberger, and the rest in on the work of Johann Grander, the inventor and developer of the Living Water Technologies. Not available in bookstores.


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